End of Dreamtime

This painting represents the period during and after colonisation, for the Indigenous people of Northern Australia.

End of Dreamtime by Don WelukThe painting pays reference to the injustice incurred upon their people, including the bombing by the Japanese in 1942.End of Dreamtime by Don Weuk in progress

Top centre of painting features 3 black crows. The crow is the story teller and the one that buries the bodies.

This painting was painted in Maningrida, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia.

Background information:

Arnhem Land was declared an Indigenous Reserve in 1931. It is one of the biggest indigenous reserves in Australia, with a land area of 97,000 square kilometres, making it 1 and a half times bigger than Tasmania. The reserve was set up by the missionaries and the government in an attempt to control the black population.

This is a 3 finger painting, which means 3 artists.

Artists: Don Weluc, Gary Madjibarreli and Joe Moscow.

Tribe:   Wurrkiganydar, homeland Gaarttji, North East Arnhem Land, NT Australia

Ochres, white clay, magnesium and PVA glue as a binder, on canvas.