A platform for airing issues that affect the human animal

Podium Art is a gallery space with a true difference, located in Oatlands in the Southern Midlands of Tasmania, Australia.

Destined from conception to be a platform for airing issues that affect the human animal, this gallery has at it’s heart, the opportunity for the expression of statements about everything that one may find confronting in today’s world.

Purpose is all at Podium.

Visitors will have an opportunity to view a dynamic programme of works by artists who seek to bring ideas to the fore, engage and inform across a broad range of topics such as current systems that prevail in our modern life, degradation of the environment , consumerism, over population and so much more.

The gallery space is in itself a testimony to purpose. Podium Art exhibition space and the outdoor areas constitute a barrage of “re purposing“, with over 60% of the building materials used being recycled or purpose built by hand, even down to the light fittings.

Podium Art has been a thoughtful and deliberate venture, emerging with care over quite a long gestation period and like the art it seeks to provide a showcase for, has not happened without a few challenges along the path, all overcome and resulting in a very unique establishment.

Sympathetically nestled into the delightful stone heritage town of Oatlands, this is a space for the public to view, consider and appreciate the intent of the varied artist’s expressions.

For artists, it is a chance to exhibit and convey their thoughtful messages in many mediums.